Monday, February 14, 2011

Tavistock Treehouse - Proposed Design

Give me a clipboard, a few sheets of paper, a pen, and fifteen minutes or so, and this is what comes out of my mind... Probably symptomatic of moderate clinical depression, and a mild and fading case of Post traumatic stress disorder!

The treehouse will be generally neo-gothic in style, with some vaguely moorish or arabic architectural features, just to give it a hint of the fantastic and exotic. Just because I can.

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Pete Jackson said...

Wow! that is fantastic! I mean the 'artistic concept' not the mental health issues. I had a look at the photographs of the framed up house, and can actually see the main building coming along, and imagine it clearly in my mind. The tower on the right is not started it seems? Will that be access to the second floor - a spiral staircase?!