Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tool of the Month - November

The Tool of the Month award for November is presented to my Mastercraft alloy framing square. I bought it on sale on one of the Canadian Tire 50% off tool deals, and remember paying about $11 for it. In any event, anytime I want a nice 90 degree line across a big piece of lumber, out comes this tool, and presto! A perfect line all the time. As an added bonus, it comes marked with a whole bunch of numbers and angles for calculating rafter angles for roof building, which for the life of me make absolutely no sense whatsoever!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winter Damage

Winter arrived with a fury, and unlike many over the past years, once the snow arrived, it stayed. A week after the first snow, we got dumped on with about 3 inches of wet sticky stuff, which is generally not good for my spruce trees, as it overloads the branches, and in some cases can snap them off

This time around, the only tree to suffer any damage just happened to be the larger of the two trees that I am building the treehouse in, which annoyed me because now there are some openings left in the canopy, making the tree look a bit like a vagrant with missing teeth. I think perhaps when the treehouse building is up in the spring, the missing branches will be less noticeable. Here are a two photos showing the main foundation, draped with a couple of large fallen branches from the spruce. Not a particularly pretty sight!